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Put Your Blog On Autopilot

Contractor SEO Blogger is the absolute simplest way to get great articles written for your website’s blog. You no longer need to come up with ideas, write the content (or have an employee do it) and go through the editing process to get your blog up and running – just to have to go through it all over again next month.

We’ve created an impressive blog writing service that’ll get you professionally written, well researched, highly relevant content posted to your blog monthly or as an as-needed service based on your specific requirements. Put your blog on autopilot to help grow your website, rankings on Google and ultimately the number of leads that come from your website.

Put Your Blog On Autopilot
Get Professionally Written Content for Your Blog

Get Professionally Written Content for Your Blog

Old school methods of outbound marketing have salespeople pounding phones all day trying to get someone to listen to them for more than 10 seconds. Door hangers, direct mail and flyers don’t have the same impact they once had. By producing quality content around your business, your potential customers will start to find you through your blog – this is true inbound marketing.

Our high-quality blog posts are meant to educate, inform and draw in your prospects and ultimately get them to call or send you an email. We’re able to deliver high-quality blog posts to your website each and every month to keep your website fresh.

Your Hands-Off Blogging Solution

We totally get it. As a business owner you’re busy all the time. That’s why we don’t just write the content for you, we also post the post directly to your blog for no additional fee. Let that sink in for a second – no work required by you at all.

Select this option when placing your order, provide us with a login for your site, and we’ll go in and add the new content. Not only will we upload the post, we’ll also format it to make sure it looks great and even add a picture to it! Yeah…really!

If you’d prefer a semi-hands off approach, we can upload the article as a draft, giving you a chance to check before going live with it. You’re the boss after all.

Your Hands Off Blogging Solution
Experienced, Trained Writers

Experienced, Trained Writers

We take great pride in being the best writing service on earth for contractors. In fact, we only hire 1% of all the writers that apply to work with us – and there are a LOT who want to work with us.

After we hire the best of the best, we put them through our training program to teach them exactly how to write for search engines AND humans at the same time.

Contractor SEO Apprentice Blogger and Journeyman Blogger eliminate the need to ever hire writers again – or do it yourself. You can tap into a large collection of expert blog writers with years of experience across different trades.

What’s Included In Apprentice Blogger & Journeyman Blogger?

We’ve worked hard to make sure our blog writing service is the best available. Here’s what’s included with both Apprentice Blogger and Journeyman Blogger:

  • Unlimited edits at no extra cost
  • Topics
  • Publish to Your Website
  • Relevant Image
  • Any Support Required
  • Perfectly Formatted for Your Site
What's Included In Apprentice Blogger & Journeyman Blogger?
Blog Post Approval Hub

Blog Post Approval Hub

If you want to be a bit more hands-on, we’ve created an approval hub for both the topic and final article approval.

You can approve or reject each article as well as add notes to ensure that we get it exactly the way you want it.

Get Expert Level Content for Your Website with Contractor SEO Journeyman Blogger

We understand that some subjects need expert writers. Finding a writer that can match your businesses’s tone, style, and speak expertly on your subject matter is no easy task – and let’s face it, you don’t have the time or energy to do it yourself.

With Contractor SEO Journeyman Blogger you get access to expert trade writers who have published in your industry and have been vetted by our staff to ensure they’re the perfect fit for you.

Get Expert Level Content for Your Website with Contractor SEO Journeyman Blogger

How it Works

Step 1

Easy Sign Up

Choose between Apprentice Blogger and Journeyman Blogger, fill in a quick form and that’s it. We’ll go to work researching to find ideas for awesome blog posts that your potential customers are waiting to read.

Step 2 Research & Topics

We start by researching your business and industry to find topics to help you rank in the search engines. You’ll get to see all topics before we start writing.

Step 3Approve Your Topic

Look through the list of suggested topics and either approve or reject them. You can even leave suggestions if you’re not completely sold on a particular topic.

Step 4

Writer Match

We’ll match you with an experienced writer to create a killer article for your blog. They’ll optimize it with proper formatting, internal links, and external links to get the most bang for your buck.