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You, like many others, probably bought into the initial hype of creating a Facebook page for your business long ago. Yet, you’ve done little with it since then besides the odd times you remember and suddenly blast a flurry of status updates, right?

There are a ton of ways you could harm your brand’s image by neglecting social media:

  • Appearing amateur because it’s half setup or broken or not even verified
  • Seeming like you don’t care because you’re not responding to people
  • Sending people elsewhere because the information is outdated

Oh… it gets worse.

You could be the type that has a Facebook page that’s completely against your total marketing strategy — as a black sheep of your marketing stack. In doing so, you create confusion and a disconnect with your community as they hear one thing but get another!

Look, we get it.

You’re a contractor and you’ve got a lot of work on your hands. You’ve got a team to manage and honestly… you prefer to do a lot of business face-to-face, right? Things like running the Facebook page, Twitter messaging, and the like are low on that list of important things to do for a lot of contractors running a full-time business.

Well, that’s where we come in…

Our Done-For-You Facebook Business Page Service

A Facebook page offers incredible opportunities:

  • Get discovered in search and social listings
  • Engage the community and build business relationships
  • Sell products and services outside of the website
  • Handle customer contact and service

A Facebook page for your contractor business is a lot like your website. It has fewer features than a site but the concept is the same. If you have something great to share and promote, then the Facebook platform offers a great opportunity in seeing the idea come to fruition.

Some Web users prefer social media over websites.

Many people would rather engage through social media because it offers a faster response time.

It also puts everything out in public where others can see and jump into. This could result in a ton of praise for something you did, leading to more business from referrals. It offers a level of transparency that many competitors are afraid to share, the type of openness that people love, especially when they’re deciding who to spend their hard-earned money on.

Our done-for-you Facebook business page service aims to elevate your Facebook presence.

We help contractors who may have forgotten about their Facebook page. We’re here to help those that tried using Facebook but it just didn’t “stick” or turn out the way they expected.

We’re like a contractor business coming in to renovate your Facebook space.

Let Us Renovate Your Facebook Space

How would you like a Facebook page that delivers qualified leads? What about a Facebook page that generates community interaction and feedback? Or, what if you had a Facebook page that helped your brand stand out from the rest and made it into a local leader?

Get in touch…

… we offer a FREE Facebook Update for your contractor business.

Our experts will:

  • Update vital information so it’s easier for people to get in touch
  • Rework images and media to create a visually pleasing FB page
  • Fix errors that prevent your page from showing up in search

And much, much more.

Our experts have years of experience running successful social media campaigns. They also have the know-how and experience behind building engaging Facebook pages for contractors.

We’re extending this service — for free — so you can start seeing the value of social media.

What if we could deliver a few extra leads to your business each month? That’s a possibility when you have a high-performing, optimized Facebook page! It’s a win/win scenario and all you have to do is get in touch or keep reading to get the full scope of what we offer below!

Pairing Your Site with Facebook

The Facebook page we build for your business isn’t a replacement for a high-quality website. No amount of social media can replace the awesome flexibility that you get from owning and operating your own platform.

Instead, think of your FB page and website as a perfect complement to another.

Your website is what creates long-term, sustainable lead generation, and branding opportunities. It’s where you’ll publish most (if not all) of your content, process orders, and support your team through backend documentation.

Your Facebook page is an extension of your site efforts where you’ll share those content pieces, connect with your audience, and spark interest in your contractor services.

Need help establishing your complete online presence? Talk with us about website work.

We’ll Apply Proven Contractor Facebook Marketing Strategies

Do you want to know the difference between your typical Facebook page and one that delivers leads, creates great interaction with the community, and makes your business stand out from all the others? It’s the little details.

A well-structured, filled-out Facebook page does 80% of the work… but hear us out.

A Facebook page truly shows its value when it’s optimized. It becomes a powerhouse for getting you leads when you put in the extra effort to see it updated. It’s an incredible marketing tool when used as an extension of your website and inbound efforts!

What are the Facebook marketing services we offer alongside our page optimization?

Facebook SEO

Google indexes Facebook business pages the same as it would your Contractor website. This means people searching for your services could (and will) discover your FB page.

Inquiring minds may visit your FB page, before the website, because they expect to see reviews and client feedback.

Wouldn’t it make sense that you put your best foot forward?

Facebook SEO strategies for your Contractor FB business page improve how high up it appears in Google search results. Much like applying SEO to your website, there are key strategies and tactics you can do to make it rank for relevant (client-attracting) keywords.

What SEO strategies do we apply to the Facebook page for your contractor business?

  • Keyword and topic research to uncover valuable opportunities for your brand
  • Keyword optimization on applicable areas of the FB business pages
  • Link building campaigns to improve the search rankings and page’s value
  • Conversion Rate Optimization tactics to generator more engagement and “stickiness”
  • User Experience tweaks so your page offers an engaging, memorable experience
  • Customizations through custom tabs, vanity URL, content, and more

We’ll also help with the long-term SEO strategies that leverage other work we do when building up your Contractor Facebook Page. Depending on how deep into this you’d want to go, this could include everything from a robust content strategy refined for your FB audience to cross-promotional tactics with influencers, advertising, outreach, and more!

We love geeking out over this Facebook SEO stuff the same you do when a contractor project comes together. It’s a thrill seeing our hard work pay off for our clients because their Facebook page is now ranking high in search, and delivering them a steady stream of clients!

Content Marketing

A Facebook page serves three purposes:

  • Provide business contact information
  • Acts as a platform to engage the business
  • Offer insights and helpful information

The first two come by default when you have the page properly set up, and that you’re using it every day.

The third, insights and information, require extra effort. And no, you shouldn’t use one of those automated tools to just blast your page with a random blog post every day else you’ll barely ever see something more than a single like from one of your relatives.

We offer content services that pair perfectly with your contractor business’s Facebook page:

  • Discover audiences and competitor performance to craft content strategies
  • Leverage analytics and keyword research tools to find profitable topics
  • Craft engaging content that provides value and encourages users to share
  • Encourage user-generated content that acts as free promotional pieces
  • Hold contests, giveaways, and other events to get users engaged

We offer existing content creation and marketing services for contractor websites. You’ll get the best of both if you choose this alongside our Facebook optimization service.

We’ll pair them perfectly so your FB audience gets engaged and visits your site to inquire about services. And, craft content for the site that gets them over to FB, talking about it and sharing it with others. We create this powerful loop that makes your brand stand out!

Cross-Promotional Campaigns

A Facebook page is an amazing marketing & sales funnel for your business. People coming to the page will likely visit your website given that you offer an attractive offer. Likewise, people on your website may visit the Facebook page to interact in ways they wouldn’t on the site!

What are some cross-promotional campaigns you could explore with the two?

  • Use FB audience insights and website analytics to understand your community better
  • Promote a contest on your website but hold it on social so it’s easier to enter and share
  • Rework blogs, media, and video from the website but now catered to the FB audience
  • Include Facebook links and call-outs on your website’s content and vice versa
  • Funnel FB users into an email newsletter and use the email to drive people to FB posts

As we said, your Facebook page isn’t a replacement for your contractor website. But, you should treat your FB page with the same dedication as you would the site! Doing so means it’s not neglected but also that you can explore these great cross-promotional strategies.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising is one of the most rewarding and affordable ways to advertise your business online. The platform offers extensive audience insights so your ads get to the people most likely to become a customer.The only problem? A lot of contractors DIYing their FB ads are doing it wrong.

Burning through your budget it very easy if you’re not targeting the right audience. There are also dozens of little factors that determine how well your ad will perform. Going into it blind or off a gut feeling is not the way to do it — just as you wouldn’t do your work without having the skills.

Let our experts:

  • Research and discover talking points, audience data, and engaging ad ideas
  • Gather ad resources and craft the perfect ad copy, creative, and call-to-action
  • Combine and leverage existing marketing efforts with the FB ad push
  • Monitor, analyze, and optimize Facebook advertising campaigns

Our social media marketing experts have years of experience in overseeing successful campaigns. Once we know your audience and get the necessary resources, we’ll get to work launching FB ads that get you more likes, comments, shares, and of course… leads.

How It Works & What To Expect

Getting started is about as easy as it can get.

We know you’re busy with the day-to-day operations, so we want to make this go smoothly. Give us the important details, a go-ahead to get started, and our experts will get to work that same day, crafting a better Facebook page and experience.

1. Tell Us Your Details

We think the best way to see this project a success is to truly collaborate on it. We’ll ask you about the basic information like contact details, ownership, and operations. But, we’ll also prod and get a deeper understanding of your business goals, ideals, and motivations.

Knowing the full details of the contractor business, and the awesome team behind it will help us craft the page’s content so it’s clear and engaging. This sets the tone for everything else we do.

We’ll also use this opportunity to learn about your competitors and the market. Knowing this guides our keyword and topic research used for the SEO, content creation, and other tactics.

2. We’ll Get to Work

Just like when you’re hired for a job — we’ll lock in the details and get to work. All you have to do is sit back and relax while we do our thing. Of course, we’ll keep you constantly updated throughout the process and responsive if you have questions and comments.

The project length will depend on the extent of the work you need us to do.

The primary Facebook update will take some days as we work through our notes and update the vital pages. The add-on services scale to the size and scope of the project which could take a few extra days to a month or more depending on the complexity.

Know this: You’ll see some of the benefits immediately.

The page changes update in real-time, and fresh content and interaction get the community talking and engaging. A few days into the initial update and you could see new leads!

3. A Finished Project

The work is done… the project is finished.

We’ll sit down with you to discuss the details of the project and its completion. This is a great moment to understand the on-going efforts if you choose to explore those with us. Else, we’ll provide information and guidance so you can take over and handle it from there.

We’d love, at this point, for you to schedule a follow-up to see how the page performs.

Some tactics we do may take a few weeks to show its true value since it takes time for Google, Facebook, and other channels to update with the information. We’ll use this opportunity to report on the performance and suggest ways to build upon the campaign’s success.

What else? Well, you’re good to go!

You’re In Good Hands with ContractorSEO

ContractorSEO provides extensive knowledge, expertise, and best practices to see your contractor business thrive online. Facebook is one such platform we maximize for our clients, and we hope you, too, choose to explore this wonderful social media opportunity with us.

Let’s get you started by fixing up that old Facebook page that’s under-performing. We’ll get it up-to-standard, and on its way to delivering new sales opportunities and a budding community.

We’re also here for all of your online marketing needs.

We offer many ways to build your brand and business online. We can build and optimize your website or set up a lead generating advertising campaign. We can research your competition and provide an edge within the industry. Or, we can devise and execute a content marketing strategy that consistently delivers traffic and leads through organic search results.

Whatever you need, we’re here to partner with your contractor business and see it succeed.

Give us a call or get in touch through our site and talk to one of our friendly marketing professionals. Let us know about your goals and hear us out on how we’ll align our strategies so everyone wins.

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We normally charge $199 for this service.

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