For decades, promotional emails have been used to drive traffic to websites and increase conversions. Email marketing has some of the best returns on investment in digital marketing, but only if it’s done right.

When you create an optimized and effective promotional email you’re connecting with the customer and piques their interest in your sale, new product, etc. If done incorrectly, then at best they’ll forget about you or at worst it will annoy and frustrate them.

The last thing a business wants is an unsubscribe, so learn some tips to create effective and attractive promo emails that help drive your success.

Personalize Your Promotional Email

The goal of an email is to connect with your customers as people. Customers don’t like feeling as if they’re a number in your database. You need to personalize your emails as much as possible to make the customer feel special.

Start by making the email from a person and not your company. It increases the likelihood they’ll open it and it makes it feel as if you’re sending it directly to them and not from a massive email list.

Many email programs allow you to add the customers first name in the email as well.

Keep Email Paragraphs Short

When a person opens a promotional email, you only have a few seconds to grab them or else they move on. Don’t turn your email into a book with long paragraphs. Break up blocks of texts to no more than two or three sentences.

Instead of using lots of text, use headers and small paragraphs with a read more section. Bullet points can help summarize larger paragraphs. You can talk about several topics and promotions throughout the email and refer them to your website for more information.

This not only saves valuable email real estate but also encourages them to head to your website.

Build Your Email List

A promotional email is only good if people see it, so your customer email list is important. Encourage customers to register on your site, sign up for your newsletter, download your free eBook, etc. Once you have their email address, you can send them promotional emails.

Over the years, a company can build up an email list of thousands of customers. You can even segregate the lists into different categories to better target specific customer groups. By targeting the audience, you can increase the chances of them opening the email and visiting your site.

Check for Grammar and Spelling Errors

You’re a professional business and your promotional emails are an extension of your business and your brand. If your email has spelling and grammar errors, it looks like you don’t care about your customers or take pride in your work.

Check your email copy not only with spellcheck but also read over the copy several times. This helps you identify problems not commonly caught and you can hear the cadence of the copy.

Watch Your Email Conversion Soar

If you can create a promotional email that resonates with customers and looks great, then you’re greatly increasing the chances of converting and driving traffic to your site. Take great pride in your emails and you’ll see a change.

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