Branching out into the world of video is a big step for any business, yet more and more people view videos online every day, preferring that medium over any text-only option.

The good news is you don’t have to be a professional videographer or technology company to get the professional-looking business videos you’re after.

Instead, use the tips below to help you film the best videos for your business without a lot of extra equipment.

Always Film in Widescreen

Businesses don’t always have the luxury of filming on expensive equipment. If you’re using a mobile phone to create your business videos, you can create nice-quality short videos for your business if you film in widescreen mode.

Keep your phone turned sideways while filming. The only time that vertical filming works well is if you’re doing a quick live video on-site for a social media post that uses vertical filming, like Instagram.

Otherwise, every other video hosting site (think YouTube) looks more professional if you film in widescreen.

Lock the Focus

When you’re filming short videos for your business, you need to make them look as professional as possible. One way to do that is to lock the focus on your phone’s camera.

While in video mode, press and hold your finger on the subject. The focus will center on your subject, and then lock there.

During filming, your focus won’t change or blur, giving you a better quality video.

Muffle Sound

If you have a small room like a closet where you can set up an interview, it’s a better way to muffle the sound. Larger rooms echo, and filming great videos starts with being able to hear what the subjects are saying.

Use a small room to record to help the video sound better. The growing number of viewers won’t have the patience for amateur videos.

Plan Out Your Business Videos

It may feel weird at first to use terms like “storyboard” or “script,” but when you’re filming videos for your business, these are important parts of the planning phase.

There are plenty of resources online that tell you how to create storyboards and even free templates you can find.

Make use of those resources so you can plan out the flow of the video, write a script, and help everyone involved feel prepared and comfortable.


It’s a good idea to use the script you created in the previous step to practice. Before you or your subjects get in front of the camera, rehearse privately and corporately to get a feel for the script.

You’ll be noticeably more comfortable on film if you practice first, and your viewers will be able to tell. They’ll see a more professional business if your video subjects are well-rehearsed and at ease in front of the camera.

Try Video Today

If you want to create business videos that are the best resources out there for your clients, you need to follow these tips. Using your mobile phone to film can work, as long as you follow professional steps for filming.

For more information on presenting a professional face for your business, check out the rest of our website.