97% of people learn about a local company online than anywhere else.

It’s essential for anyone to understand how to get your website on top of Google rankings. It’s more than a few fancy keywords or a few blog posts on your website.

Ranking on Google takes consistent work. You have to understand Google’s algorithm and keep up-to-date on how it changes.

You have to see what your competition is doing and see how you can do it better.

If you’re unsure of where to start with SEO and ranking your website, here’s a comprehensive guide on what you should be doing.

Focus on Quality Content

Google optimizes quality content. This content focuses on answering people’s questions that are often asked on Google.

The more natural you write your content, be informative without fluff, the more likely your site will rank in a better position.

Quality content means you have more research involved in your content. It means you have more in-depth insight. You are producing content that people enjoy searching for and reading about.

You can also see more information on if you should get a website audit in order to help rank your site.

Properly Optimize Headers and Subheaders

If you want to learn how to get your website on top of Google, you need to pay attention to the headers and subheaders.

You want your headers, subheaders, and keywords to have value. Don’t just write anything that pops into your head.

You want to create headers and subheaders that immediately answer your ideal customer’s question. Don’t make it confusing. Make it about your content.

Be specific and to the point.

You can do some research and see what keywords are trending and add them to your headers and subheaders. It will ultimately help your site get ranked.

Be Mobile Optimized

Lastly, your website should be mobile optimized. You don’t want people looking at your site on their mobile and then leaving your site because it’s not optimized.

Now it’s a part of ranking your website.

You want to make sure that site speed is adequate on mobile. You want to ensure that it’s a simple process to checkout on mobile.

You also want to ensure that mobile placement is optimized or people will leave your site.

How to Get Your Website on Top of Google Is Crucial For Your Business

How to get your website on top of Google is important for people to see your business. You want to optimize your website in order to get more visitors, which translates into more sales.

When you learn how to rank your site better, you can have more business growth. But it takes work. You have to implement these strategies and consistently stay on top of any changes with Google’s algorithm.

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