The online world of digital marketing is all about driving traffic to your website and making sales conversions. Your online success largely falls on how many people visit your website.

Think about it this way, only two to three percent of website visitors convert to a client or customer. If you have 100 visitors per week that’s only two to three clients. If you have 1,000 visitors, you’re up to 20 to 30 customers, and so on.

The question is how to make your website popular. Keep reading to find out.

Perfect Your SEO

SEO is one of the most important factors in driving traffic to your website organically. When people use Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and other search engines, how quickly will your website come up?

You can start boosting your SEO ranking by taking the following steps on your website:

  • Creating an on-site blog full of relevant articles
  • On-page SEO should include multiple forms of media embedded with metadata, meta descriptions, and keywords
  • Use internal links driving traffic to other pages on the website and external links to sources of data, affiliate websites, etc.

It can be tedious, but boosting your SEO is absolutely vital in learning how to make your website popular.

Get Big on Social Media

Nearly 70 percent of US adults are on Facebook. If you want to keep up in today’s digital world, you’ve got to become a pro at social media.

Create a business profile on at least one platform, we recommend Facebook and Instagram initially. Amass a following by posting engaging and relevant content. Each post should encourage users to interact by liking, sharing, and commenting on the post or following your account.

Most importantly, your posts should drive people to your website. Make sure every post is complete with a link to your website and a call to action to click on it.

Use Retargeting Ads

Retargeting ads are something we’re all familiar with. Websites use cookies to track our computers. When a user leaves the site, they start seeing ads nudging them to come back with offers, promotions, etc.

These are important for learning how to make your website popular by inviting users to come back, which will lead to more sales conversions and higher traffic.

Build an Email List

Another popular and effective way of getting people to come to and return to your website is by creating an email campaign for email subscribers.

You can build an email list by using your website, social media accounts, and landing page ads. Encourage users to subscribe to your email by offering valuable content (how-to videos, eBooks, guides).

Your first email should thank the subscriber for joining and deliver the promised advertised content. Your email campaign should deliver a light touch and work initially to help consumers get to know you and your company.

Want More Tips on How to Make Your Website Popular?

Learning how to make your website popular takes time, commitment, and know-how. While most people can manage to learn enough on their own, it always helps to have a professional touch and expert advice. If you’re looking to improve your traffic and conversion rates, we can help. We will even do a free audit on your website to let you know what you’re doing right and where you could improve things!